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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Ok, so now I am feeling a little ridiculous. I am standing in the shop with tears in my eyes listening (and singing along with) some very loud praise music. CoVID 19 mark 2 ................and standing with my fellow believers, singing our hearts out to God, is much further away.

Time to get some new music for home. I do love singing to God - is it a love language? It sure feels like it for me. Sometimes, in fact, often, songs say at least as much as my own words as a talk to God. Like you I am missing seeing my family AND so very grateful that I have a GREAT, BIG God. This reminds me of a quote -

'I pray, not wish, because I have a God not a genie.'

Music wise I have some recommendations for you. I love mixed artist albums, the variety of voices and styles. I'll pop them in our 'New and Interesting' section but they are

Top 50 Praise Songs - O Praise the Name - mixed artist, 3 CD's and many wonderful recent songs eg Reckless Love, How Great is Our God, Here I Am to Worship, Good Good Father. $19.99

Raise A Hallelujah - again mixed artist 2CD 25 songs a little more boppy and some slightly lesser known songs eg Only Jesus - Casting Crowns, Here again - Elevation Worship, Defender - Francesca Battistelli and a favourite of mine - Red Letters - Crowder. $19.99

and a bestseller for us

The Nations' 50 Favourite Hymns - 3CDs Full of classics and great style to sing along with.

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