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Children are our future.

I attended a funeral recently. 

Of the 6 adult (middle aged) children, all are in ministry.  In the eulogy 2 of the children shared how at every evening meal there was a Bible reading – not a completely foreign concept, a devotional reading – I know it does happen, and a continuing serial reading from a Christian’s biography – what a wonderful idea.

It set me thinking. 


A personal testimony speaks into some-one’s life with such power, it challenges us, is confronting, allows us to see God at work, His faithfulness, a person’s determination to rely on that, an insight into what God can do, it is close to home (instead of being something that happened only in Bible times), is practical, it shows that there is often a cost to being a disciple, that life is not always easy but a relationship with God is personal and, very real.

What a wonderful way to encourage children and ourselves in the faith.

There are many biographies – some aimed at young children, primary schoolers, secondary and adult.  Pearls to our children, hope-giving for the times to come.

Jackie French – author, children’s author, Aussie and a favourite of mine says –

“If you want intelligent children give them a book.  If you want more intelligent children give them more books.”

We have a lot of books that are not listed on the website- this series for example, aimed at the 9+ age group with over 20 famous Christians featured - scientists, musicians, missionaries, recent and historical figures - all with a powerful story to tell.

These 2 informative hard covers, dedicate a double page to each person and are on our website. We also have some aimed at young children and of course adult biographies that could be serialised with the family or to challenge the adults in your household.

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