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The Forest Underground by Tony Rinaudo

I have just finished reading a proof copy of this book. Tony and Liz Rinaudo's story is so exciting. As soon as the book is in print we are hoping that we will have him here for an Author dinner - probably toward the end of March - watch this space (as they like to say).

Australian agronomists Tony and Liz arrived at the edge of the Sahara in 1981 to plant trees. Few trees survived in the hostile terrain, and those that did were cut down by farmers. While contemplating the futility of their endeavours, Tony discovered an embarrassingly simple method of restoring landscape without planting a single tree. Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), the sustainable system of land management that Tony pioneered, has revolutionised reforestation across Africa and beyond.

In Niger alone, local farmers embracing FMNR have rehabilitated over six million hectares of ruined land and doubled their crop yields and income. Tony is a Right Livelihood Award Laureate and Principal Climate Action Advisor with World Vision.

"Tony Rinaudo presents practical solutions to counter desertification, famine and despair." —Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation

"No research program—no matter how well funded—would have come up with this idea, because it expertly combines the subtleties of location—specific tree selection with farmer—specific opportunities and constraints."

—Richard Stirzaker, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency

"This is a gift from Almighty God. Everywhere you visit you bring life and joy."

—Yamdaan Zimbil Longmoate, Chief of Yamenga, Ghana

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