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The Full Story


    In 1980 a shopping centre was being built in Greensborough and so was the

Christian Book Centre and Coffee Shop

- a 6 day a week presence in the market place - a vision of All Saints Greensborough. 

   Lots has changed over the years but not our passion to serve the community.
  We want to grow, deepen and extend the faith of ourselves (a good place to start)

and everybody else. 

Reading, hearing and sharing others' journeys has always been a great way to do that,

along with education and prayer. Hospitality is also a part of that vision.

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So now we are a Christian book and coffee shop in the heart of Greensborough with a ministry reaching 100's of kilometres beyond that. 

Our stock is almost as wide and varied as our customer profile.

We strive to be a place that is a delight to browse and explore. 

Our coffee shop is staffed by some wonderful people from the disability sector for job training and personal development. With all our cakes and savouries cooked on site, a priority is to stock our kitchen with locally sourced and grown ingredients.


We recognise our responsibility to God's creation and so are keen to tread as lightly as we can and enjoy the beauty and wonder He surrounds us with. 

We compost, recycle, re-use, consciously minimise energy consumption and try to be wise in as many areas of the ministry that we can.

In our spare time……we run seminars, Author Dinners and book talks, host meetings, send newsletters, give out emergency food parcels, network people and services, pray for people and

provide book stalls for conferences.

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