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Bookshops as Community Glue

I remember having a work experience student here... years ago. At the end of the week I asked her what she thought. She replied that she didn't think that retail would be her career choice to which I replied something along the lines of 'Oh no, not me either' .......and then I realised that that is exactly what I did. But it isn't only retail. I love that bookshops are not just retail, and I hope I don't sound arrogant if I add that Christian bookshops are even more.

Bookshops should be the old fashioned version of the modern day "influencer" - providing ideas, input, meeting places, 10's of thousands of voices to encourage and challenge to broaden and deepen thinking, meeting places, chat rooms, escapes, community - all of this in person and on paper. And not about looking pretty, being popular or keeping up with the Joneses. A centre for conversations (on a daily basis).

Here we have sooo much freedom to be a community bookshop.

From our Live @the Bookshop (oooh I miss them).

-our showcasing of musicians on a Friday evening.

........through to our Author Dinners.

Here are some photos from The Forest Underground (May 2022)

And then of course we are also hosting the Greensborough Repair Cafe every 2 months.

And ...... can't forget the Coffee Shop, which makes such a lovely meeting place for so many, And Wednesday morning Card Making Club (all welcome)

and then there is Wednesday arvo Knitting and Crochet group ( all welcome).

Let alone the Bible study groups and others who catch up in our space over seriously nice coffee and home made goodies. AND coffee and books, almost better than chocolate and coffee ..... though now I think about it, why compromise, we usually have delectable Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

Did I forget our books and gifts and cards and music and DVD's? A chance to impact peoples lives for - literally - eternity?

Oh.......and the conversations............well that is almost a whole story on it's own. One that will go on for eternity

No, that decides it, I really don't think that we are doing retail only. I do love my job. I love being part of the glue.

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