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Another delightful poem from Tim about his character - Dogma

And in case you were wondering "What is dogma again?'

Definition of dogma 1 a : something held as an established opinion especially : a definite authoritative tenet

b : a code of such tenets pedagogical dogma

c : a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds 2 : a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church

In honour of St. Valentine’s Day…

Dogma Falls in Love

I’m worried about my Dogma

It hasn’t gone as planned

He met a girl called Doctrine;

She wants to hold his hand.

I’m not so sure they’re good together

Their manners sometimes grate –

Her knowledge and his bluntness,

Besides he’s only eight.

Doctrine’s fine with Love and Grace,

My other two offspring,

It’s just when she’s with Dogma

Her words pick up a sting.

Her kindest thoughts are not immune

To Dogma’s strange effect.

They end up strident, sharp and hard

And really quite direct.

I think that I will do my best

To keep them both apart.

Let Doctrine stick with Love and Grace;

Stay focused on the heart.

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