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The New Testament Challenge PB by Jeff Manion

The New Testament Challenge PB by Jeff Manion

SKU: 9780310125037

The New Testament Challenge - an 8 week journey through the story of Jesus, his church and his return. is designed to help small-group members explore the books of the New Testament in a fresh and new way.

In this Bible study (DVD/digital downloads sold separately), participants will learn how the story of God restoring his original creation, which was begun in the Old Testament, reached its crowning moment with the birth of Messiah into the world. Through Jesus' birth, he answered the question once and for all of who God is and what he is like. Through Jesus' teaching, he revealed the deepest meaning of the laws and institutions that God gave to the people of Israel. Through Jesus' death and resurrection, he introduced the life of the age to come into the present age.

Group members will also discover how the followers of Jesus formed a new community and invited people from all over the world to join them, and how the Bible looks ahead to the day when Christ will return to renew all of creation and establish God's justice and peace on the earth.

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