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The Big Picture Family Devotional PB edited D Helm

The Big Picture Family Devotional PB edited D Helm

SKU: 9781433542251

We all want to teach our kids about the Bible and God's love for the world. But sometimes it's hard to know where to start ...

If you want to make regular devotions part of your family life but don't know where to start, pick up this easy-to-use resource and start teaching your kids about the big picture of the Bible today!

Designed as a complementary resource to the best-selling The Big Picture Story Bible, this family devotional offers parents a year's worth of material for teaching children ages six to ten about God's plan of salvation for the world through Christ.

Intended for families to use three times per week, each 5-10 minute lesson includes:

  • a basic Bible question with an accompanying answer in the form of a memory verse
  • an carefully-chosen Scripture passage to read aloud
  • a devotional paragraph designed to help kids connect the Scripture passage to the Bible's overarching message
  • reflection questions for the whole family to ponder and discuss together
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