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Thank God For Bedtime PB by Geoff Robson

Thank God For Bedtime PB by Geoff Robson

SKU: 9781925424584

What God says about our sleep and why it matters more than you think.

A practical and engaging exploration of what the Bible says about sleep as one of our sovereign God’s good gifts to his people.


Sleep. It seems an unlikely topic for a Christian book, doesn’t it?


Yet we all need to sleep, and we spend a fair proportion of our lives doing just that (or, for some of us, trying to do just that).


What’s more, when we carefully read the Bible we discover that God actually cares about our sleep and has quite a bit to say about it.


In this engaging, practical, and strikingly gospel-centred book, Geoff Robson offers a ‘theology of sleep’ that is full of wise and helpful Christian insights for all of us.

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