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On Earth As In Heaven PB devotional by NT Wright

On Earth As In Heaven PB devotional by NT Wright

SKU: 9780063249844

Selected from Tom Wright's classic works, these uplifting daily meditations will invigorate Christians who want to live their faith authentically and biblically. Themes include mission, character, and God's work in the world.

Today's leading Bible school, Anglican bishop, and acclaimed author N.T. Wright returns with a collection of pastoral excerpts, carefully curated from his widely celebrated books, that will inspire those wanting to cultivate a life "on earth as  in heaven."

Modern pastors and their flocks have long considered N.T. Wright a role model for being a thoughtful Christian in today's world. His bestselling books, including Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, Simply Jesus, and After You Believe, have guided Christians in their belief and practice of the faith. Now, Christians can rely on his wisdom to guide them through each day of their lives with this thoughtful book of daily meditations, featuring short selections from his classic works.

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