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Metanoia PB by Anna McGahan

Metanoia PB by Anna McGahan

SKU: 9780647519837

'In this book Anna McGahan (actor - think Dr Blake Mysteries) bares her all - her struggle with identity, her body and spirittual meaning.  AND she writes so VERY beautifully!'  - Christine


Perhaps we have done to our bodies what we have so long done to God? 

We have let vessels of peace be used as rubbish bins, weapons and punching bags. 

We have asked them to conform to our image. The image we find the most desirable. 

We have vanquished their significance, until finally, they have no power at all.  

By the age of 23, Anna McGahan was wrestling with the rest of the world for ownership of her femininity, sexuality and physicality 

As a young actor suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a poster girl for sexual liberation – intent on exploring New Age spirituality, the next relationship and the wildest high – her path continuously pointed her to chaos, consumption and isolation. 

Until she met God. 

In this memoir, Anna shares the story of reconciling with her body, mapping its journey from a cheapened product in a marketplace to a vessel of astonishing worth.  

This is a deeply personal and radical story, of a body rescued, redeemed and set free. Of holy pain and undeserved healing. Of a life completely and irrevocably changed.


Anna McGahan is a professional actor and writer working in Australian televisionfilm and theatre. In 2012 she was awarded the Heath Ledger Scholarship and the Inside Film Out of the Box Award. She was nominated for two Logies in 2012 and the Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Actress in 2013. 

 As a writer, she focuses on fictional drama for stage and screen, and narrative non-fiction literature. She received the Queensland Young Playwright’s Award in 2008 and 2009, and was short-listed for the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award in 2010 and The Saturday Paper’s national essay award The Horne Prize in 2016. 

 In 2015 Anna founded The Fireplace, a virtual and physical space for artists to explore the intersection of creativity and spirituality.

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