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Mere Evangelism PB by Randy Newman

Mere Evangelism PB by Randy Newman

SKU: 9781784986445

Evangelism is an extraordinary task; it's what God uses to bring people from death to life.

But it has always been difficult.

C.S. Lewis was used by God in the conversions of countless people, from friends and acquaintances in his own lifetime to modern-day readers of books such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity (the most influential Christian book of the 20th century).

As Tim Keller comments, "C.S. Lewis was incredibly skilled at getting Christianity across in a way that's powerful to thoughtful people."

So, if we want help with evangelism, there is much we can learn from the clarity and imagination of this hugely influential Christian writer. You may feel inadequate to the task; after all, there is only one C.S. Lewis.

Evangelist Randy Newman skillfully helps us to apply the methods Lewis used (storytelling, humour, imagery and more) in our own conversations. You will be equipped to talk about your faith and engage with unbelievers wisely, whatever their attitude towards the Christian faith.

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