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How To Live PB by Judith Valente

How To Live PB by Judith Valente

SKU: 9780008308308

The Rule of St. Benedict arose from an era when a great civilization was threatened by violence, corrupt political leadership, rampant xenophobia and a widening gulf between rich and poor.  Sixth century Rome was much more like the world we see on the news today.

Benedict was not a priest or religious official.  He was just a young man disillusioned by a corrupt society that lacked compassion. He had a vision of a society in which human values reigned supreme: a vission of compassion, harmony and hope.

From humility, science, simplicity, trust,  forgiveness, listening and living with awe, Judith Valente explores the key elements of the Rule, revealing how this ancient wisdom can change the quality and texture of our lives, and offer a way forward from the divisions plaguing our world.

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