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Hope In An Anxious World PB by Helen Thorne

Hope In An Anxious World PB by Helen Thorne

SKU: 9781784986261

Whether mildly, moderately or severely, feeling anxious is something most of us experience at some point in our lives. At its core, it’s a fear, a sense of worry or tension, about what is or what might occur, but it’s not one that helps. It drags us down, it doesn’t enable us to thrive, and it leaves us unequipped for the day ahead.

This short, sympathetic and warm book will help both Christian and non-Christian readers understand anxiety better, learn some useful techniques to cope with it and, most importantly, show how the living God can liberate us from its grip.

Whether you are used to reading about God or not even sure if he really exists (or if he cares about your anxiety in any meaningful way), this book has precious words of encouragement for you.

“As you read, it is my prayer that you will come to see real hope and take the first few steps in a lifetime of change.” Helen Thorne, author.

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