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Everyone a Child Should Know HC by Heath-wayte C

Everyone a Child Should Know HC by Heath-wayte C

SKU: 9781911272601

It's never too early to introduce the next generation to some of the heroes of faith. In this book children will meet 52 Christian men and women (one for each week of the year) from all walks of life who wanted to live for their friend Jesus. There are missionaries, martyrs, writers, reformers, politicians and poets.

Their stories are exciting and inspiring and will show children that any of Jesus' friends can do remarkable things for him - even them!

"In 52 short and simple chapters, Everyone a Child Should Know tells how God has worked through men and women of all sorts and in every age. Try reading one per week to young children, but they'll want to read 'just one more.'


Each turn of the page reveals another charming illustration and exciting life story - clear reminders to children that their own life is a blank page, yet to be written by the Lord."? ~ Champ Thornton, author of The Radical Book for Kids

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