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Be The Change Journal

Be The Change Journal

SKU: 9781643521077

Help the kids in your life, ages 7 and up, realize how they, too, can be world-changers! . . .

"I'm just a kid. I can't change the world. . .or CAN I?"

You may be JUST A KID. But, according to God's Word, you can still make a pretty big impact on the world right where you are. . .starting TODAY.
"Let your light shine. . . Then [others] will see the good things you do and will honor your Father Who is in heaven". Matthew 5:16 NLV

This journal will help you get started on your way to becoming a world-changer. Special journal prompts will encourage you to think and write about simple ways you can spread kindness, hope, love, and joy in your neighborhood, your school, and your community. Plus Be the Change lists will motivate you to shine your light as you use your very own God-given abilities and gifts to create brighter places to play, live, and serve.
Not sure what your gifts might be? . . . Take the quiz at the front of the book to help you begin to understand how God might use you for His greater purpose! (And then ask Him to use YOU!)

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