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A Better Life PB by Rebecca Smith

A Better Life PB by Rebecca Smith

SKU: 9780310357575

Imagine a world in which dreams and passions are achieved with slow steps, simple obedience, and steadfast diligence.  Wouldn't your soul take a deep breath if you knew you didn't have to hustle after your goals, but instead could walk peacefully into what God has already prepared for you?

Rebecca Smith stepped into the place God had her, a messy, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar place.  When Rebecca moved to Hamtramck, Michigan, it seemed impossible to feel at home in a city where twenty six languages are spoken and most inhabitants are immigrants.  But as she learned to slow down, pay attention, and notice the gifts in every day, her purpose began to unfold.  Rebecca's small Etsy shop slowly grew into a company that gave her roots in her new city and created an environment in which women from different cultures, faiths and backgrounds work together for the good of others.

Rebecca's journey is a reminder to be the "turtle" in this social media-crazed, success-driven world.  By digging in, showing up, and listening for the small  voice of God, we just might find ourselves in the middle of a big beautiful story.

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