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Windows on Nature: Reflections on God HC by Bob & Evelyn McDonald

Windows on Nature: Reflections on God HC by Bob & Evelyn McDonald

SKU: 9780645044645

Windows on Nature: Reflections on God continues the McDonalds' unique combination of beautiful high-quality photographs of nature, rigorous scientific information and sound Biblical insights. This, their second book, has received both international and national endorsements from a range of Christian leaders.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of creation through the remarkable photographs which form the basis of 32 themed reflections, with titles such as Every Scar Tells a Story, What's Happening to My World?, The Wisdom of a King, What is Truth? and A Tale of Hope. In each reflection, a full-page photograph is informed by relevant scientific research and/or Indigenous knowledge and flows onto a thoughtful devotion drawn from the Old or New Testament, followed by a responsive prayer.

The book also features 5 illustrated and fascinating short stories from nature. The book provides both insights into the multi-faceted character of the One who brought creation into being and sustains it and encouragement and challenges for the reader who follows Christ. For those who just love the natural world and recognize how significant it is, the photographs and insights will both delight and provide food for thought. This book would be a great gift for such people as well as any with whom you would simply like to share something of the extraordinary beauty, majesty and diversity of the natural world.

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