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Therefore I Have Hope PB by Cameron Cole

Therefore I Have Hope PB by Cameron Cole

SKU: 9781433558771

"Throughout the journey of my worst nightmare—my descent into a dark, sad valley—the Holy Spirit would remind me of truths that comforted my soul and sustained my life."

After the sudden death of their three-year-old son, Cameron Cole and his wife found themselves clinging to Christ through twelve key theological truths—truths that became their lifeline in the midst of unthinkable grief. Weaving together their own story of tragic loss and abiding faith, Cole explores these twelve, life-giving truths to offer hope and comfort to those in the midst of tragedy.

“The problem of suffering is a plaything for philosophers but a reality for humans. Here, in the raw pain of grief, Cameron Cole shows God’s way of enabling Christians to face the reality of suffering. Cameron shows how the great truths of God’s Word prepare, enable, and equip us to live by hope in the midst of tragedy. A good book to read before our Worst confronts us.” - Phillip D. Jensen, Former Dean of Sydney, St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Cameron Cole (MA , Wake University) serves as director of children, youth and family at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the chairman of Rooted, a ministry dedicated to forstering gospel-centred student ministry. He is the coeditor of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry.


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