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The Songs of a Warrior PB by Katy Morgan

The Songs of a Warrior PB by Katy Morgan

SKU: 9781784988173

This dramatic retelling of the accounts of the first two kings of Israel follows the intertwining stories of Jonathan, Saul, David and Michal documented in 1 and 2 Samuel.


In this imaginative yet biblically faithful book, readers will find themselves immersed in the hearts and minds of the key players as they experience battles, intrigue, plots, betrayal, love and friendship.


This resource is a great way to help kids aged 8-13 engage with God's word. They'll be left thinking about what it means to trust God and realising that only Jesus can really be the king God's people need. Makes a wonderful gift for children aged 8-13. Includes a Bible-reading plan for the life of David and notes that differentiate the known facts from the imaginative parts. A book club discussion guide is also included.

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