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The Scandal of Forgiveness HC by Philip Yancey

The Scandal of Forgiveness HC by Philip Yancey

SKU: 9780310120087

Forgiveness offers an alternative to an endless cycle of resentment and revenge, but do you really understand forgiveness In The Scandal of Forgiveness bestselling author Philip Yancey will answer: What is forgiveness; Why is forgiveness so difficult; Why is forgiveness scandalous; and What does God have to do with forgiveness

We all live and love imperfectly. Therefore, only forgiveness will set us free. Yancey teaches us how to forgive by better understanding the clear connection between God and the gospel. You will learn:

  • God forgives our debts as we forgive our debtors.

  • only by living in the stream of God’s forgiveness will we find the strength to respond with forgiveness toward others.

  • the true depth of what forgiveness is and what it demands of you.

  • how to shed the illusions about forgiveness.

  • the importance of grace and what it means to be a grace-full Christian.


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