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The Green Bible PB by S Scharper & S Appolloni

The Green Bible PB by S Scharper & S Appolloni

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The current climate crisis has prompted intense discussions, thoughtful reflections, and an energised movement of youth activists. How can Christians, and, indeed, the entire human community, think more deeply about their role and proper place in creation?

This inspiring collection can help. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of voices that span centuries, traditions, races, ages and geography. Pray with those who speak for God’s creation as humankind seeks to find the balance between economic sustainability, justice and respect for the earth.


‘At a time of human history when cultures of greed and violent tools of death and destruction are elevated to a new religion of the market and technologies, and humankind faces the threat of extinction and ecological collapse, The Green Bible is an important reminder that all faiths teach us that we have received the gifts of creation with a duty to care.’           Dr Vandana Shiva, Director, NAVDANYA


‘The resources in this book will provide a wellspring of insight for our current age.‘               Celia Deane-Drummond, Director, Laudato Si’ Research Institute Campion Hall, University of Oxford

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