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Strengthen Your Marriage PB by Les & Leslie Parrott

Strengthen Your Marriage PB by Les & Leslie Parrott

SKU: 9780310361640

The SYMBIS+ Assessment is a powerful and personalized marriage insight tool that covers 17 key areas in your marriage, including well-being, social support, finances, personality, sex, communication, conflict, spirituality, time styles, and more.

Whether you are debriefing your SYMIBS+ Report, one-on-one with your certified Facilitator or in a small group or class, this guidebook is an ideal companion to the SYMBIS+ Assessment.

Each chapter perfectly correlates to a page of your report and they are sure to enhance your experience by helping you deepen your understanding of your results, personalize the concepts, and apply the valuable insights you learn.

Chock-full of real-life action steps, no-guilt exercises, and fun discussion starters, you'll discover how to:
Utilize the strengths you and your spouse bring to your marriage.

Navigate your hot-button issues Cultivate deeper intimacy and lifelong passion Kick financial worries to the curb Engage in heartfelt and meaningful conversations free of the usual tension
Whether you have already debriefed your SYMBIS+ Report with a certified SYMBIS Facilitator, or you are about to, don't miss out on what Strengthen Your Marriage will do for your relationship.

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