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Storytellers PB Bringing Muslims Home by Bernie Power

Storytellers PB Bringing Muslims Home by Bernie Power

SKU: 9780647531013

In 'Storytellers: Bringing Muslims Home', Bernie Power shows how the art of storytelling can be used to answer the questions that Muslims ask about the Christian faith.  He does so by telling us a story within a story, which points to the greatest story ever told: the story of God's Son, Jesus Christ. In Bernie's novel, we are introduced to a young Christian couple: Tom, a teacher, and his wife Hanna, a doctor, who travel to the Middle East to live and work with the Yemeni people. Together they face challenges, make friends and answer questions about their faith using the method most favoured by both Arabic cultures and Jesus himself - stories. 'Storytellers: Bringing Muslims Home' is packed with references from both the Bible and the Qur'an. It is an invaluable resource for Christians engaging with the followers of Islam, Muslims who are curious and wish to understand more about Christianity, and to anyone with an interest in Christian-Muslim dialogue.

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