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Rethinking LIfe PB by Shane Claiborne

Rethinking LIfe PB by Shane Claiborne

SKU: 9780310363842

Drawing on Scripture, church history, and his own story, Shane Claiborne explores how a passion for social justice issues surrounding life and death- such as war, gun ownership, the death penalty, racial injustice, abortion, poverty, and the environment- intersects with our faith as we advocate for life in its totality.

Many of us wonder how to think about and act on issues of life and death beyond abortion and the death penalty, yet the heated debates in our churches and the confusion of our own hearts sometimes feel overwhelming. What does a balanced, Christian view of what it means to be "pro-life" really look like

Combining stories, theological reflection, and a little wit with a Southern accent, activist Shane Claiborne explores the battle between life and death that goes back to the Garden of Eden. Shane draws on his childhood growing up in the Bible Belt, his own change of perspective on how to advocate for life, and his years of working on behalf of all people to help us:

  •     Learn from the Bible and the early church about valuing life
  •     Deepen our understanding of what a pro-life stance can look like
  •     Discover ways to discuss topics that are dividing our culture and churches
  •     Find encouragement when we feel politically homeless
  •     Renew our hope that there is a good way forward, even in difficult times
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