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Promises For A Fruitful Life BKLT by Beth Moore

Promises For A Fruitful Life BKLT by Beth Moore

SKU: 9781496440921

Join bestselling author Beth Moore as she offers spiritual guidance, digging deep into God’s promises to help you live a fruitful life.
Most of us have times when, if we are honest, we’d admit to feeling like our lives are embarrassingly small and insignificant. Times when it seems like we’re going through a whole lot of pain and striving without much to show for it. Times when we need a reminder that God can use everything that happens to us for His glory and our greatest good.

With Scripture promises and passages drawn from Beth Moore’s nonfiction book, Chasing Vines, this 96-page booklet will help you find new hope and encouragement. With each page, you’ll be reminded that God wants you to flourish.

After all, you were created to thrive in fruitfulness.

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