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Project Solomon PB by Jodi Stuber & Marshall Bleakley

Project Solomon PB by Jodi Stuber & Marshall Bleakley

SKU: 9781496455314

A powerful true story of resilience, faith, sacrifice, and love. Jodi Stuber, the HopeWell ranch, and Solomon will remind you how much we matter to each other and to God.

"It's hard to be lonely, isn't it?  To miss someone who should be here?"

Jodi Stuber wasn't looking for another horse for her struggling therapy ranch, let alone one like Solomon.  After losing his herd, he was solitary and sad, spending his days standing near the plastic deer in his yard for company.  No stranger herself to loss and heartache, Jodi knew she had to give Solomon a home.

The road to recovery wouldn't be easy.  As Solomon struggled to fit in with his new herd and Jodi continued to navigate her own grief, the two developed a deep bond. But just as Jodi and Solomon were both beginning to heal, an unthinkable tragedy struck the therapy ranch.  And Solomon was about to teach Jodi the greatest lesson of all.

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