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Prayer PB experiencing awe and intimacy by Tim Keller

Prayer PB experiencing awe and intimacy by Tim Keller

SKU: 9781444750171

Prayer is central to the Christian faith, indeed, it is the main way we experience deep change. Yet so many people struggle with prayer – a struggle that Tim Keller himself has shared. This wise and inspiring book is the fruit of those struggles, offering a real and glorious vision of what it can mean to seek God in prayer.

Keller begins by giving a theological underpinning of what prayer actually is – both conversation and encounter with a personal God – before describing how we can learn to pray, and then deepen that prayer. Finally, he gives detailed, practical suggestions on how to make prayer a part of the reality of daily life.

"... If you follow Keller into the arsenal, you will be powerfully equipped to overcome the world/flesh/Devil and see your prayers for kingdom advance answered by almighty God. And if you follow Keller to the banqueting table, you will increasingly feast on new and old treasures of awe and intimacy with your heavenly Father."
- The Gospel Coalition

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