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Organised Backup PB Luella Linley Book 1 by Meredith Resce

Organised Backup PB Luella Linley Book 1 by Meredith Resce

SKU: 9780648953708

Regency romance author, Luella Linley, arranges her characters' lives, making sure that they weather all storms and live happily-ever-after. Her characters are putty in her hands, but her 21st Century adult children are not so easily organized.

When her daughter, Megan, asks for support with an inappropriate situation at work, Luella decides Megan should get a boyfriend to intimidate her boss. The cop who just pulled Luella over for speeding is a likely candidate. Cam Fletcher is expecting to be interviewed by a famous author.

Instead of sharing insights into his job as a police officer, he is sharing a meal with the famous author and her daughter, Megan. When left alone with Megan, Cam wonders when the interview will begin. The parents' extended absence gives him a clue, which Megan confirms. Luella Linley is playing matchmaker, but is he willing to play the game?


Regency romance author Luella Linley has the best of intentions...and can't understand why her children don't appreciate her talent for matchmaking. A fake engagement, a daughter in trouble, and a handsome policeman playing the hero-what could possibly go wrong? This funny and charming romantic comedy from Meredith Resce that also touches on the more serious issues of faith and workplace relations will put a smile on your face and give you food for thought.

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