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Living Sacrifice PB by Helen Roseveare

Living Sacrifice PB by Helen Roseveare

SKU: 9781845502942

Sacrifice is a term of the past not of today. Today no one is expected to sacrifice anything. We are surrounded by game shows that give you riches if you answer a few questions on general knowledge or guess the right box to open. The unspoken spirit of the age is if something is difficult do something else instead. If something is expensive borrow it or borrow the money to buy it.

What place does sacrifice have in this world? The Bible says it is central and that sacrifice is not only a vital key to the future it is the essence of a Christians life today. That is what Helen explores in this new edition of the classic Living series. If you pick up this book anywhere and start to read it you wont be able to put it down as she skilfully weaves stories of sacrifice together with Christian teaching on the subject.

God does have a right to demand our sacrifice with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and it is our privilege to respond to that demand. If those words sound alien to you then you may not have yet entered into the joy of Christian belief and service. The key to an authentic life is sacrifice. Helen Roseveare has led an incident filled life as a medical missionary.

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