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Learn The Gospel PB by Tony Payne

Learn The Gospel PB by Tony Payne

SKU: 9781925424782

Whether building a house or building a life, solid, square and true foundations are vital.


If you’re just starting out in the Christian life—or considering it—you want to get those foundations in place from the start.


Even if you’ve been a Christian for a while, it’s important to occasionally check your foundations—they might have shifted or been attacked by white ants, or perhaps they weren’t laid quite as straight as you originally thought.


In this Learn Together book, we’ll thoroughly inspect our gospel foundations and make our understanding of that gospel sound and biblical.


Through reading, studying the Bible, watching some video input and discussing what we’re learning together, we’ll go deep into the gospel of Jesus Christ—understanding each of its parts, how they fit together, and what implications the gospel has for our lives.


This is Two Ways to Live grown into a study book for small groups and classes. Each of the six points are fleshed out with Bible study, discussion and video and text input.

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