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Is God Green PB by Lionel Windsor

Is God Green PB by Lionel Windsor

SKU: 9781925424317

Do we need to save the planet? Is the future of our world at stake? It's hard to escape questions like this in the media and the wider world these days. How would you answer them?


Maybe you're an environmental warrior, or maybe you're sceptical that there's anything to worry about at all. Have you wondered where God stands on this issue? Does he care about the world and what we do with it? Is God green? In this short book Lionel Windsor takes us through what the Bible says about the environment. You'll discover what God has to say about:

  • why the world is in a mess
  • where the world is headed
  • what we should do about it in the here and now.

"To compost or not to compost? What difference can one person make? And why bother? Is God Green? answered many of these questions for me.


Dr Lionel Windsor is a scientist and a Christian scholar. This book is highly informed by both science and the Bible, and yet down to earth (a green earth!) and easy to read. I read it in one go, look forward to reading it again, and recommend it highly to anyone who cares about the future of humanity and this planet."

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