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Inspire Proverbs PB Colouring Book

Inspire Proverbs PB Colouring Book

SKU: 9781496426642

Inspire: Proverbs is an invitation to journey through the whole book of Proverbs, immersing yourself in its wisdom while colouring and creative journaling. 

Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, everyone has God-given creativity, and it can be expressed in vastly different ways.  Whether through colouring while meditating on scripture, drawing or sketching, journaling prayers, doodling, splashing colour across the page, adding tabs, tags or embellishments, or any other form of creative expression, one thing is certain- you have a creative Creator, and you were made in his image! 

Your worshipful response to Scripture on the pages of Inspire: Proverbs will become a treasured collection of personal expressions of faith in your spiritual journey.

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