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In Want Of A Wife PB Luella Linley Book 2 by Meredith Resce

In Want Of A Wife PB Luella Linley Book 2 by Meredith Resce

SKU: 9780648953722

The temptation to match-make is too much to resist.  Louise has one success already under her belt.  Now this handsome, successful lawyer has just admitted he isn't married. Single and in possession of a large fortune, Michael Sullivan must be in want of a wife. Louise's second daughter,  Chloe, would be just right for him.

There is no way Chloe will let her mother organize a blind date for her as she did for her sister. Chloe has her principles-and she has a ridiculous, unjust speeding ticket. The person she needs is a lawyer to help argue her case in court. Is it dishonest, when her mother's lawyer calls and asks her on a date, to agree with ulterior motives?

Michael Sullivan has ulterior motives of his own. This all expenses paid trip to the sunny Gold Coast is merely a case of one person helping the other out-isn't it? Everyone else might think they're a couple, but it's just about winning a court case-isn't it?

Can Regency romance author, Luella Linley (AKA Louise Brooker) hit the target twice in a row? Meddling in her adult children's lives is almost as much fun as creating fiction characters, except her children have minds of their own and don't always cooperate.



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