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I Want to Fix Ears by Graeme Clark

I Want to Fix Ears by Graeme Clark

SKU: 9780645067101

I want to Fix Ears is a thrilling saga and powerful Christian testimony.
A handsome hardback volume featuring over 120 black-and-white photographs and diagrams.

A giant of medical science tells the story of the invention of the bionic ear.
After watching his father struggle with hearing loss, Graeme Clark overcame obstacles and opposition to bring the gift of hearing to profoundly deaf children and adults.

Starting with compelling personal testimonies from his patients, Clark charts his lifelong quest to "fix ears." He chronicles his research accomplishments and medical advances, and he recounts his battles to overcome the ridicule of peers, his tireless efforts to procure funding for his work, and his reliance on the religious and ethical values that guided his investigations. To scientists, he commends his commitment to interdisciplinary approaches, the importance of prioritizing the needs and safety of patients, and the key role of effective partnership between academia and industry. For everyone, he demonstrates the importance of family education, supportive colleagues, and life purpose.

Graeme Clark questioned authority, challenged the prevailing wisdom, and rejected the status quo. His knowledge, skill, conviction and doggedness resulted in the first recreation of a human sense.
An inspiring journey of determination, enterprise, and faith.


'Graeme Clark is a giant of medical science, who deserves our admiration. As someone whose own hearing impairment has been alleviated over the decades by surgery and hearing aids, I can only begin to imagine what a cochlear implant means to those who have received one'. - John Howard Former Prime Minister of Australia

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