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His Grace Is Enough HC by Melissa Kruger

His Grace Is Enough HC by Melissa Kruger

SKU: 9781784987510

This illustrated, rhyming book will help parents explain to children the unique and wonderful Christian message of God's grace-that Jesus offers forgiveness and allows us to move on from our mistakes. It can be used to share the heart of the Christian faith with children or to remind them that Jesus is the person to run to when they mess up. Children will learn that God's grace is enough to cleanse and change us every day.


My child, here's the truth:

From God, you can't hide

He sees what you've done

He knows what's inside


But please don't despair

There's good news, I say!

Whatever you do

God's grace makes a way


Yes, his grace is enough

It's so big and so free

His grace is enough

Both for you and for me


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