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The Glorious Pursuit PB by Gary Thomas

The Glorious Pursuit PB by Gary Thomas

SKU: 9781641582841

A life-changing book on Christian virtues from the author of Sacred Marriage
“When we practice the virtues of Christ,” writes bestselling author Gary Thomas, “we become who God created us to be.”

In this classic book of spiritual formation, we encounter true discipleship—the life we were made for—by observing Jesus in his daily life: his interactions with the people around him, his reactions and responses to spiritual warfare, his thoughtful engagement of complicated questions about faith and profound temptations. Jesus embodied the virtues that God has invited us all to cultivate. This book becomes instrumental to our spiritual growth.

Gary Thomas is one of the most celebrated writers on spiritual formation, with beloved books sitting alongside other contemporary classics by authors such as Dallas Willard, James Bryan Smith, and Richard Foster.

In his distinct style, he provides a heartfelt survey of humility, chastity, generosity, patience, perseverance, and more, as demonstrated in the life of Jesus. These virtues are for us, and this book draws lines from our lived experience to the lived experience of Christ, and back to us, pointing the way to a more vibrant faith and a more fulfilling life.

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