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For The Love of God DVD Deluxe Ed

For The Love of God DVD Deluxe Ed

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Subtitled - How the church is Better and Worse than you ever imagined this DVD addresses the elephant in the room of 'What on earth was the church thinking?'

Does religion poison everything? Join John Dickson, Justine Toh, and Simon Smart on location around the globe and in conversation with leading scholars as they weigh up the good, the bad, the ugly - and the unexpected - when it comes to the impact Christianity has had on the world we live in.

The history of the church offers plenty of ammunition to its critics. Crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, the oppression of women ... so would we be better off without Christianity?

For the Love of God: How the church is better + worse than you ever imagined, a documentary by the Centre for Public Christianity, confronts the worst of what Christians have done - and also traces the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus.

The Deluxe Edition features 4x 1 hour episodes:
Episode 1 - War + Peace
The history of the West has been mostly Christian. And it's been pretty violent - Crusades, inquisitions, wars of religion. So, would the world be more peaceful without it?
Episode 2 - Rights + Wrongs
In ancient Rome, parents who didn't want their new-born babies would take them outside the city and leave them on a rubbish dump. This practice was not only accepted, but actually encouraged by law and philosophers. So, what changed?
Episode 3 - Rich + Poor
If Jesus was a poor carpenter, who described himself as having nowhere to lay his head, then the opulence of many churchmen through the ages sits strangely with their claim to follow one who was a friend to the down-and-out.
Episode 4 - Power + Humility
The first Christians were a powerless and persecuted minority. But when Emperor Constantine became a Christian in 312 things began to change dramatically.

Running time- 215 minutes

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