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Fight, Flight And Faith PB by Nikki Florence Thompson

Fight, Flight And Faith PB by Nikki Florence Thompson

SKU: 9780645322033

Can a Christian be anxious and still have faith?


When nineteen-year-old Nikki Thompson lost her older brother, Greg, in a car accident, her stable world of faith and family became unsafe overnight. This was followed by a painful, decades-long journey with clinical anxiety and panic disorder - a journey that involved both seasons of trying to fight and flee from the pain - and, eventually, the beginnings of an expanded, reawakened faith.


For the ever-increasing number of people suffering the pain of anxiety, for the weary, for those who fear they have failed themselves, others, and God; for strung-out believers constantly stretching and straining for a piece of peace; this book is a reminder that wherever we stand, Jesus-our older brother, our refuge, and our fellow sufferer - is ever near, beckoning us to come join him on the journey.

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