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Fiercely Loved HC by Lisa Bevere

Fiercely Loved HC by Lisa Bevere

SKU: 9780800741709

Do you know that God loves to think about you? Even right now!

The psalmist David realized this when he wrote Psalm 139: "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!  How vast is the sum of them!  If I would count them, they are more than the sand." 

But God doesn't just think about you. He loves you - fiercely. In times of uncertainty, we need some pillars we can build our lives on. You are loved. You are welcomed. You are wanted. You were always his idea and he has a plan for you.

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere shifts your perspective with daily boosts of courageous love, giving you a confidence grounded in both your identity and your relationship with your Creator.

These 90 devotionals each include Scripture to guide you, encouragement to lift you up, and powerful declarations of truth to send you forth in strength.

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