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Disrupting Mercy PB the gift of extreme kindness by Matthew Clarke

Disrupting Mercy PB the gift of extreme kindness by Matthew Clarke

SKU: 9780648724827

Shortlisted for the Sparklit Christian Book of the Year 2023


What might mercy look like if, rather than being a naive approach to letting people off the hook, it radically infused our approach to justice?

What if mercy was not merely kindness, nor a display of power by a superior to a needy inferior, but something disruptive and transformative?


Filled with biblical analysis, personal stories, and applications to the author's work in human trafficking research, this book both disrupts the normal ideas about mercy and proposes a new conception that is itself radically disruptive. Part of that disruption to transactional thinking is scandalous commitment to mercy being free and unconditional. If this is a book you need but can't afford, read the publisher's website for other options.


"Contrary to Shakespeare's famous dictum, in too many hearts, the quality of mercy is severely constrained.  That's why Mathew Clarke's new book is so important.  He advocates and inspires readers first to imagine and then to embody a quality of mercy that doesn't just fit in quietly around the edges, but rather goes to the heart of and disrupts everything from there.  A book for this critical moment - highly recommended."      Brian McLaren

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