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Daily Light for Women HC Devotion Readings

Daily Light for Women HC Devotion Readings

SKU: 9781432132569

The hardcover edition of the Daily Light for Women Devotional is a classic collection of readings composed entirely of Scripture from the ESV Bible. 


The Daily Light Devotional, compiled by the Bagster family in the late 1800's, is one of the most beloved devotionals of all time and continues to offer help, meditation, and guidance to countless people. This classic devotional features a year's worth readings for every morning and every evening that illustrates the truth, beauty, and grace of Scripture.


The full-color interior pages are decorated with similar floral motives that change with each new month. An attached blue silk ribbon marker is included to keep your place.


The layout and passage combinations of the devotional will let you look at Scripture with fresh eyes.  This devotional lets Scripture speak for itself and will make you hunger to know the Bible better.

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