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Contextualisation or Syncretism? by Derek Brotherson

Contextualisation or Syncretism? by Derek Brotherson

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Contextualization or Syncretism? The Use of Other-Faith Worship Forms in the Bible and in Insider Movements

As Christians seek to follow Paul's example of becoming like all people in order to win them to Christ, a key question arises: How far is too far? Is there a point where appropriate contextualization becomes gospel-distorting syncretism?

With the growing prominence of Insider Movements in the Muslim-majority world in recent decades, these questions have become especially urgent and hotly-debated.

Based on an in-depth, biblical-theological study of key Bible texts used by Insider Movement proponents and critics, this book provides a groundbreaking assessment tool for distinguishing contextualization from syncretism. It provides an invaluable resource for those engaged in ministry among Muslims, for those with questions about Insider Movement practices, and for all who seek to grow in their understanding and practice of biblically-grounded and authentic contextualization of the gospel.


“This book is indispensable to any discussion on ministry – teaching, preaching, evangelism, and church planting – because all of ministry is cross-cultural, whether we realize it or not. The book’s real value is its careful sifting of relevant biblical texts to provide the exegetical warrant for its conclusions. Contextualization or Syncretism? is a knowledgeable guide as we navigate the delicate line between contextualization and syncretism.” – Sam Chan, author of Evangelism in a Skeptical World.

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