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Church Enjoying Gods Masterpiece PB by Anne Woodcock

Church Enjoying Gods Masterpiece PB by Anne Woodcock

SKU: 9781784984199

Few things present a more astonishing contrast than the way most people view the church today and what the bible tells us about the church.

For many people in our culture, church is merely an institution and an increasing irrelevence.  And many Christians think of church as an optional add-on, or a bit of a chore, or as something best avoided.

The bible paints an altogether different and more exciting picture of the church. 

This guide explores the rich and varied images The New Testament uses to describe God's people-as a family, bride, body, temple and more.

These eight studies will help you come to see your local church-through weak, prone to error and unimpressive in wordly terms-as nothing less than part of the ultimate masterpiece of our loving heavenly Father.  You'll be encouraged and excited to play your part in what God is doing in the world as you gather as a church week by week.

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