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Christians in a Cancel Culture PB by Joe Dallas

Christians in a Cancel Culture PB by Joe Dallas

SKU: 9780736983549

The WHO, WHAT, and HOW of Responding to Those Who Want to Silence You
You've based your understanding of today's sensitive social issues on the Bible's truth. Mainstream culture not only sees these issues differently but calls you bigoted for rejecting views they've deemed self-evident. So how do you witness Christ's love to those ready to write you off as hateful?

Christians in a Cancel Culture breaks down how you can speak wisdom about politically charged and personal subjects with equal parts compassion and conviction. This book will affirm your understanding of the Bible's views on sin, salvation, racism, gender identity, homosexuality, and abortion while teaching you...

  •     why today's world has grown so hostile to Christians and biblical values
  •     where you can find room to minister within challenging conversations
  •     how you can sustain relationships with those who feel threatened by God's truth

Walking in faith isn't about fighting culture wars but witnessing Jesus's restorative grace to those who haven't yet found it. Christians in a Cancel Culture will prepare you to stay true to your beliefs as you address today's controversies while opening doors to deeper discussions about Christ's redeeming love.

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