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Christian Essentials PB by Ken D Noakes

Christian Essentials PB by Ken D Noakes

SKU: 9781925424836

Saved by grace. Grounded in the Word. Faithful in prayer. Bold in witness. Resilient in suffering. Committed in membership. Loving in relationships. Godly in giving. Fruitful in service.


Does this sound like you? Do you wish it did?


Come with preacher and pastor Ken Noakes as he explores what it means to actively follow Jesus and “let your light shine before others”.


Ken provides a unique mix of imagined perspectives of the believers described in Acts, topical Bible studies, and careful teaching on these 9 Christian essentials.


This book will help those who are exploring Christianity, encourage those who are new to Jesus, and grow every Christian who seeks to live according to what God desires rather than what the world values. This is a discipleship manual.

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