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Christ Centred Mindfulness PB Dr K Thompson

Christ Centred Mindfulness PB Dr K Thompson

SKU: 9780994616678

Co-Winner of the 2019 Dallas Willard Book Award - Martin Institute for Christianity and culture, Westmont College

Shortlisted for the Australian Christian Book of the Year

           and, of course, hosted for an Author Dinner by Greensborough Christian Book Centre


A Christian Response to popular Mindfulness.

Mindfulness has become a common tool in psychological therapy and counselling. This book raises the ethical and religious issue of whether Buddhist Mindfulness is consistent with Christian faith, and explores the ethics of its use by counsellors and clients from different faiths.


Rediscovering Christian Mystic Tradition.

Christians have used a type of mindfulness, often referred to as contemplative prayer and meditation, for hundreds of years. These techniques are rediscovered and discussed.


Integration of Mindful Living Within Faith

The book grapples with how mindfulness fits within a Christian framework. It reviews the psychological and scientific data that show its effectiveness to improve well-being, and offers an alternative that remains consistent with Christian faith.


Practical Mindful Exercises.

The book ends with a comprehensive set of practical exercises that integrate psychological therapy and contemplative prayer and christian meditation to help people transform their lives.
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