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Case For Christ HC by Lee Strobel

Case For Christ HC by Lee Strobel

SKU: 9780310092025

This 180-day devotional combines the spiritual uplift of daily devotional reading with 'reasons to believe' - scientific and historical facts that bolster confidence in Christ and Scripture. Leading apologists Strobel and Mittelberg offer both intellectual rigour and encouragement for daily living.

Why do we believe what we believe? The Case for Christ Devotional, by leading apologists Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg, offers fact-based, intelligent devotions to build a foundational faith. These 180 insightful writings will strengthen your spiritual knowledge and touch your heart with life-changing truth.

Each devotion is based on a scientific, historical, or biblical fact that will bolster your confidence in Christ. You will be inspired, encouraged, and equipped. A practical takeaway at the end of each entry allows you to put this confidence and knowledge into action.

In these thoughtful devotions Strobel and Mittelberg articulate the reasons why Christians believe what they believe. Combining the authors' expertise in apologetics with scriptural application for daily living, this devotional will leave you deeply encouraged and well informed. Topics range from scientific discoveries to theological explanations, and each devotion is followed by a brief reflection, prayer, and thought to meditate on and talk about.

You'll emerge with a deeper understanding of your beliefs. In the process, you'll find your love of truth-and your passion to share it-growing each day.


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