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Can Science Explain Everything PB by John Lennox

Can Science Explain Everything PB by John Lennox

SKU: 9781784984113

"Professor Lennox brings the logic of a mathematician to show that science and religion do not belong to a war zone, as some would have us believe"  Sir Brian Heap DBE, FRS

Can science explain everything?   Many people think so.

Science, and the technologies it has spawned, has delivered so much to the world: clean water; more food; better healthcare; longer life. And we live in a time of rapid scientific progress that holds enormous promise for many of the problems we face as humankind. So much so, in fact, that many see no need or use for religion and belief systems that offer us answers to the mysteries of our universe. Science has explained it, they assume. Religion is redundant.

Oxford Maths Professor and Christian believer John Lennox offers a fresh way of thinking about science and Christianity that dispels the common misconceptions about both. He reveals that not only are they not opposed, but they can and must mix to give us a fuller understanding of the universe and the meaning of our existence.

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