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Blood Brothers PB by Les Cowan

Blood Brothers PB by Les Cowan

SKU: 9781782643135

"A powerful exploration of how ordinary people can get caught up in extremism. Blood Brothers is a truly thrilling novel with a profound insight into family love and religious hate." - Fiona Veitch Smith, author of the Poppy Denby Investigates series.


Newly married, David Hidalgo is reconnecting with his friends and congregation... but something's wrong.

The sons of downstairs neighbours Ali and Ayeesha are missing, and it looks as though they're planning a terror act in Spain. To make matters worse, their daughter, Samira, has a Christian boyfriend and now wants to convert.

Once again, David Hidalgo finds himself in the middle of an unexpected crisis. Can he help a confused girl, unsure of her identity? Can he find the boys and prevent a tragedy?


Les Cowan spent 7 years living in Spain, and 4 in Edinburgh. Both locations are brought vividly to life in his fourth novel in the David Hidalgo series.

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